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Rahuldev Gandhi Scholarship

The Rahuldev Gandhi Scholarship is a testament to Rahuldev’s belief in the transformative power of education and his commitment to giving back to the community. This annual scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to deserving students who are committed to their education and are working towards making a positive impact in their chosen fields. 

Deadline & Award Value

The $1,000 scholarship is available to qualified candidates. The application submission deadline is January 31, 2024 and applications are currently being accepted.


 for the Rahuldev Gandhi Scholarship is broad to ensure that a wide range of students have the opportunity to apply. To be eligible, applicants must: 

– Be enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States. 

– Be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. 

– Demonstrate a commitment to their education and career goals through their coursework and extracurricular activities. 

Application process

for the Rahuldev Gandhi Scholarship is designed to give students the opportunity to showcase their writing skills, career aspirations, and personal values. To apply, students must: 

– Write an essay of 500-1000 words on a provided topic related to their educational and career goals. 

– Complete the online application form.

– The essay must be delivered in PDF format.

Essay Question

“Describe a significant challenge or experience that has had a profound impact on your academic and personal journey. How did you overcome this challenge or learn from this experience, and how has it shaped your educational goals and aspirations?”

About Rahuldev Gandhi

 Rahuldev Gandhi is the mastermind behind the financial success of countless startups. He’s not just a Certified Public Accountant, he’s the financial wizard who turns business dreams into reality. He’s the man who knows the ins and outs of the financial world, and he uses this knowledge to guide businesses to success. He’s the strategic advisor who doesn’t just provide advice, but creates a roadmap to financial stability and growth. He’s the entrepreneur who doesn’t just start businesses, but nurtures them to their full potential. He’s the man who has made a name for himself in industries as diverse as cannabis & hemp, consumer goods, cryptocurrency, ecommerce, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, technology, and real estate. He’s the man who has the power to turn a struggling business into a thriving enterprise.